How Can You Prepare For An Open House?

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How to Prepare for an Open House?

The first thing you need to do is clean and declutter your home. You may think that this can be done later, but it’s best if you start doing this weeks before the actual open house day! This will give potential buyers more of a reason to visit on the date of the event rather than just being “too busy.”

Home staging is another key factor when preparing for an open house. You want to make sure your home looks its best so buyers can visualize their lives in it! This means clearing out any clutter and giving the rooms a fresh coat of paint if needed.

Clean out your closets and dressers. Even if you don’t plan on selling all of your clothing, it’s still best to give yourself extra space just in case! There is also the chance that potential buyers may be interested in purchasing some of these items, so decluttering will help them see what they can potentially buy during an open house.

Clean your bathrooms! Scrub them down, even if they are already clean (you don’t want to miss anything). Buyers will often use these areas when checking out the home, and you want everything to look perfect during their visit!

Give some extra attention to any “problem” rooms in your home that need updating. This can include your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even the exterior! Buyers are quick to notice all of these areas in a home when checking it out.

Declutter outdoor spaces as well. You don’t want any items piling up on the front porch or backyard while potential buyers are there for an open house viewing. Make sure everything is clean and put away, as well as any lawn equipment.

Clean off your car(s) beforehand! You don’t want a potential buyer seeing a dirty or messy vehicle when they arrive to check out the home for sale. So make sure you have it cleaned and presentable before during an open house event.


There are many different factors to consider when preparing for an open house. Staging your home, decluttering, and cleaning will help boost the appeal of your property during this important event!

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