6 Essential Services Provided by Real Estate Property Photographers

Real estate property photographers are professional photographers that specialize in commercial or residential buildings. The purpose of their work is to show the properties’ strengths, flaws, and features to potential buyers, owners, and tenants. Many realtors use photography services because it’s much cheaper than buying printed brochures which depreciate over time.

Real estate photography in Vancouver needs to be taken during different times of the day and year. For example, a photo of a building in winter will not accurately show how it looks when summer comes around. This is why property photos are usually taken by professionals who have experience working with different weather conditions and seasons.

The following six services offered by real estate photography companies can help you:

1. Interior and Exterior Photos

Property photos may include shots of the inside as well as outside. Real estate photographers provide interior and exterior pictures that show all aspects of a property, such as landscaping, parking areas, entrances, and any other associated details. 

2. Time of Day Photos

The right time to take pictures is during different times throughout the day. If you’re selling a house, for example, photos taken at dusk will create an atmosphere that shows how nice it looks in the evening instead of daytime shots.

Real estate photographers can also determine if certain times of year are better for taking property pictures. For example, images taken in winter are not likely to show how the property will look during the summer months when everything is green and lush outside.

These types of services can be helpful if you’re selling a house that needs updated interior photos or wants an accurate representation of what your home looks like at night rather than daytime shots. 

3. Modeling Photos

The purpose of modeling photos is to show how different pieces of furniture look inside the house. This type of service will allow potential buyers and renters to understand what it would be like if they moved in or leased your property. 

Many real estate photographers offer this type because some people cannot move all their favorite pieces of furniture. In addition, it can be challenging to visualize how certain pieces will look inside the house without having them there for reference.

4. Exterior Shots

One of the most important types of property photos is exterior shots. Real estate photographers can take pictures from different angles and perspectives to give a prospective buyer an idea of living in that area through landscaping, views, and local surroundings. 

This type of photo includes an aerial or bird’s eye view, which gives potential buyers a better idea about the size of the property, surrounding areas, and various features.

5. Aerial Photos

In addition to aerial photos, real estate photographers can also get these types of shots from drones. Drones are remote-controlled vehicles that have high-definition cameras attached aboard, which provide a variety of perspectives and angles at the click of a button. 

In conclusion, property photos are significant in the real estate industry. This is why it’s crucial to hire a professional photographer specializing in commercial or residential properties that include numerous services such as time of day, modeling, and aerial shots.

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