4 Ways of Solving Common Plumbing Emergencies

A good plumbing system is very important to a household. However, just like any other system, it is prone to failures that result in emergencies. Don’t be alarmed as we are about to discuss these emergencies and how to resolve them. It is useful to understand that having experienced and expert emergency plumbers to call on during these emergencies is the best safety net.

Broken and Burst pipes

Bursts occur when the pipe carrying the water opens up and forces water. Several factors can lead to a pipe burst. In very low temperatures water forms ice that has more volume which then bursts the pipe. This can be remedied by installing good quality pipes, ensuring they are maintained and where necessary replaced.

 If such an emergency occurs, the first step is to turn off the main water supply. After this contact your emergency plumber, you can now go on and drain out any water that may have spilled out.

Water Leaks

Leaks occur when a small amount of water escapes or drips from the pipe or its intended channel of delivery. Leakages can occur on the pipes, faucet, or water heaters. Corrosion, cracks, broken seal, or wear and tear can cause either of the above to malfunction. Leakage can be dangerous as if it is not detected it does not only cause damage to the pipe but also the wall under which the pipe runs. It also causes mold growing on walls, rusting of pipes, and a higher water bill.

The best approach in managing leaks is regular maintenance of water pipes, water heater systems, and faucets. However, where a leak occurs and is visible, reduce the water pressure, and use waterproof tape to seal the leak. For a leak on a joint, tighten the joint. Most importantly, contact your emergency plumber to resolve the issue before it escalates.

Clogging in toilets and sinks

Clogging in plumbing systems occurs when an obstruction makes it difficult for the passage of water or waste. The best way of handling clogging is by avoiding dumping content that could possibly choke up the plumbing system.  Kitchen sinks are often clogged by food waste and using a sink strainer can protect such clogs. Additionally, after cleaning utensils, flush hot water down the sink. Toilets and other outlets can be clogged by a combination of hair, soaps, and other dirt that get caught in the drains. As prevention, after shaving do not wash down the shaved hair, and also regularly clear the sink stopper that holds the dirt and hair back. In case of such a clog, it can be cleared at home using a plunger. If it is a major clog contact an expert plumber.

Malfunctioning water heater.

The water heater may malfunction due to a range of reasons. If the water heater is giving inconsistent water temperature, this could be related to the heating element, electric connection or it’s just an old shower. This is best left to an expert who may correct the connections or replace what is required.  In cases of discoloration or water with a foul smell, flushing the tank should resolve this. If it persists it could indicate a cross-connection that is causing contamination in the water, then an expert plumber will be required.

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