2 of The Biggest No Nos When It Comes to Parenting

When growing up, it is important for children to know that their parents love them and that they care for them, without that knowledge a child could feel extremely isolated and suffer mental challenges. On the other hand, if parents try to show their children that they love them by allowing things like bad behaviour or, buying them stuff as an alternative, both of the latter can actually cause more damage than feeling of not being loved, children need to know that they are loved but there must also be solid boundaries in place surrounding their behaviour;

Jumping in to ‘save’ your child

Parenting is all about looking after, protecting and teaching children how to survive, other than that, really, children should learn from their own experiences until they become of age that they are able to successfully learn from others mistakes. If you are one of those parents that jumps in any time you foresee something happening either physically or emotionally to your child that you think will harm them then take a step back. When a separation is inevitable, talk to a leading child custody lawyer in Parramatta, who will help you in many ways.

Sure, if you are crossing a road and see a car coming towards them, then take affirmative action but, if you constantly watching over your child to make sure they never encounter a bump or a scrape whilst playing, then you aren’t doing your child any favours, people will often only ever touch a hot stove once but, some have to do it in order to learn not to do it again.

Follow through and be consistent

There is nothing worse than to say no to a child and then to give in due their winging or, you feel bad that you have said no to them in the first place. There is a reason why you said no and that needs to be reinforced within your own mind if, you ever start to question it, take yourself to one side for a moment and get your head back in gear.

If you say no to something or tell the child that there will be a consequence for any bad behaviour yet you never follow it through then the child will not respect you nor take you seriously. They will quickly see that they can get away with blue murder and, whether they mean to, or not, they will continue that cycle, until something is done about it. Not fair on them really if their actions are based on your own affirmation.


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