Can mulching leaves kill grass?

When autumn comes, it looks very beautiful and charming with the colors of the leaves and the trees creating a wonderful atmosphere. But gardeners are unhappy with this season, as leaves fall from trees, shrubs, and plants. It creates a huge mess and sometimes becomes uncontrollable due to strong winds. If you are a gardener, or if you have a large lawn, you understand this situation better. But if you don’t have a proper way to collect these leaves then it will become a problem for you. Gardeners and lawn professionals use different methods to store these leaves and make them usable for their lawns.

Leaf Mulching:

The most useful and organic method is leaf mulching. This is the process of collecting all the fallen leaves from the garden and putting them in big bags. After bagging them, we use a leaf mulching machine to break these leaves into small pieces, there are many models of mulcher machines, available in all sizes and power according to your requirement. We use these shredded leaves with soil to grow more vegetables, fruits, and trees. These leaves act as fertilizer and contain net nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, and phosphorus. All these nutrients are very beneficial to the soil as well as to the things we grow. Nutrients are very powerful sources of flavor and sweetness in vegetables and fruits.

How does leaf mulching kill your grass?

As we see many benefits of leaf mulching, on the other hand, we face many disadvantages. One purpose of leaf mulching is to prevent weeds from growing through the soil. The thick layer of leaf mulch on the soil, sunlight does not pass through it. This causes the grass to dry out and will kill your grass very badly. And the place looks desolate and uninhabited. To avoid this we need to apply a thin layer of leaf mulch, this way sunlight easily passes through the grass blades. And the grass will not wither. We all know that sunlight is very important for plants, trees, grass, and shrubs.

Things we should do:

  1. We need to draw a line or put some fence around the trees, or the place where you grow vegetables and fruits to protect your turf. This way you can add nutrients to your soil and protect your grass.
  2. We use a lawnmower to cut the grass, but remember not to use a weed catcher. The reason is that by using a lawnmower we can easily cut the leaves along with the grass into small pieces. By not using a weed catcher we put these chopped leaves on the grass for the mulching process. These leaves will decompose and return to the soil. It will act like a fertilizer.
  3. In windy weather, leaves fall more than on normal days. So, we need to remove excess leaves from the grass.
  4. We must remove the wild bushes and weeds from the land that are growing alongside the grass.
  5. Apply a thin layer of mulch that allows wind and sunlight to pass through.

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