Mark Roemer Oakland Examines the Best Season to Install a Concrete Patio


A concrete patio can do wonders to the appearance of your house. If you add a few chairs and a table to it, you will get a comfortable sitting place. However, Mark Roemer Oakland determines that most people make the mistake of installing a concrete patio in the wrong season. You need to be careful when installing a concrete patio. Otherwise, you may just end up wasting your time and money.

The Best Season to Install a Concrete Patio

Actually, the key to installing a perfect concrete patio is to avoid extreme weather conditions among other factors. Unless you are a seasoned professional, it is better to ignore months like January and July when the temperature is either freezing or boiling most of the time.

Typically, in freezing weather, the water you pour into the concrete will turn into ice quickly. It will also expand and lead to cracks in your new surface.

In order to avoid it, some contractors and experts take measures to ensure that the concrete is set before night. Some even consider using hot water in the concrete mix and adding different fast-drying chemicals. It is also common for some experts to use space heaters and tents. Still, it is not a job that can be done by amateurs.

Meanwhile, in hot weather, you will again experience problems. The issue is not actually the temperature. The actual problem is that the surface will dry quickly while the bottom will remain wet. It will result in the shrinking of the top portion while the bottom remains still.

In order to combat this issue, some experts consider using cold water in the mixture. The slab is also often kept moist using a wet burlap or water sprinkler for a few days. However, it takes experience to identify if the concrete is curing quickly.

Therefore, it leaves fall and spring for ideal concrete pouring. May and April are generally big months for concrete installations.

Still, it is possible for rain to result in some issues and challenges. After all, extreme moisture is capable of weakening the concrete patio. With the lower precipitation rates and mild temperatures, there is not that September actually wins the contest and is the best month for concrete work.

If it is summer, it is better to wait a couple of months before you think about the installation of your concrete patio.

In case you find it difficult to install a concrete patio on your own, you should not overwhelm yourself with it. Without experience, you will only waste your time and resources. Therefore, you can consult an experienced construction agency and get their assistance. It can help you save both your time and financial resources.


Overall, as Mark Roemer Oakland suggests, Fall is the best season for the installation of a concrete patio. Both winter and summer are not suitable because concrete work in these seasons can lead to some serious problems with your project. Therefore, it is better to wait till September to install a concrete patio.

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