What are the Condo Styles Available in the Real Estate Market?

Condo units are available in all types, sizes, and shapes. Besides the commercial and industrial condo units, there are many kinds of residential condos and many styles associated with them too. There are many issues as well that impact each style of the unit and its market value. Have a look at the condo options available.

  1. Apartment condo

The apartment theme comes with a four storey walk up, high rises which are served by the lifts, and penthouses. When reselling an apartment condo, always remember that the market favors the high rises and are against the ground floor suites. The high rises tend to sell away quickly, but the ground floor suites don’t. So, if you still buy the latter, it can save you some money. If you want to see Parc clematis site plan, visit us.

  1. Townhouse condos

They have more variations than the apartment condos. Some are full basements, some are concrete slab on grade. When you have a basement it will be shown in the cost per square foot. Townhouse condos have more value when built in a single row.

  1. Retirement villas

These are also known as the bungalow townhouses. These condo homes are one story attached, newly constructed and often built alongside golf courses. These houses are meant for over 55s only. Some of them are also built as duplexes, have inside units which are bracketed with the attached neighbor’s units.

  1. Condominiums

Last, but not the least, the unattached single family homes are known and can be owned as condominiums. They are also known as the bare land condos. These homes are easily understandable. Also, it makes sure that you own the land as much as anyone does in their home. You are also the owner of the entire house that is constructed on the land that you own. Additionally you also own the condo company that is equipped with a service package and maintenance agreement you sign on to when you make a purchase.

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