Living in Fort Lauderdale: Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about moving from Fort Lauderdale to your home? The city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida certainly has its benefits. It boasts a staggering 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, miles upon miles worth of white-sand beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean’s sparkling blue waters. It is hard to imagine any downsides.

Nevertheless, there is no perfect place, so it’s important that you are informed before you move. This guide outlines the pros and cons to living in Fort Lauderdale.

Pro: The weather

It’s no surprise that Fort Lauderdale’s weather is a top reason to live there. The majority of days are sunny 246 days a year. Nights are warm and breezy. The average temperature all year is perfect at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

May through October are hot and sunny with highs in excess of 80 degrees. The temperatures are slightly cooler in November, March and April, with nighttime temperatures dropping to the 60s. December through February are what the city refers to as “winter”, and what New Englanders or New Yorkers may call tropical paradise. Highs reach the mid-70s, and lows hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is easy to see why Fort Lauderdale weather has been called heaven on Earth.

Con: The other Weather

It may seem unbelievable to be huddled near a radiator for warmth but you can have too much of a good Thing–balmy weather included.

The Fort Lauderdale climate can sometimes cause problems in two ways.

  • The heat This area can reach 90 degrees in the height of summer. This humidity pushes heat to the extreme, so you need to find adequate air conditioning, beachfront property, or a place to cool down in. There are plenty of options for all three!
  • Hurricanes: Heavy rains and occasional hurricanes can be expected along Florida’s coastlines in the summer and fall. This is where the locals excel, but it’s not surprising for newcomers, regardless of whether they live in an apartment, a house, or a condo.

Many people consider the heat and downpours of summer a small price to be paid for the natural beauty of the area and the high ratio of sunshine.

Pro: Low rent

Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities are among the most expensive in Florida. However, rents are relatively affordable for transplants from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Francisco.

Business insider reports that the average rent for Fort Lauderdale’s three-bedroom house was $2,250 in 2019. This is roughly the same price as a nice one-bedroom apartment in major cities.

The average rent price is affordable, regardless of where you live.

  • Studio: $1,059
  • One-bedroom: $1,198
  • Two-bedroom: $1,510
  • Three-bedroom: $2,161
  • Four-bedroom: $2,614

These prices make it easy for hardworking digital nomads and young professionals to find a home in this Florida city.

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